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INDIA | March 21st 2019

AAAC form part of the family of Overhead Conductors, Transmission Conductors and Power Distribution Conductors.

AAAC Conductors

AAAC Conductors

AAAC Conductors or All Aluminium Alloy Conductor are made from high strength aluminium-magnesium-sillicon alloy wires. AAAC are light in weight, better tensile strength & current caring capacity, lower electrical losses and superior corrosion resistance as compared to ACSR conductors. AAAC are widely accepted in distribution and transmission lines.

AAAC Conductors are designed to get better strength to weight ratio and offer improved electrical properties, excellent sag-tension characteristics, and superior corrosion resistance when compared with ACSR.

AAAC Conductors - Features

  • High strength to weight ratio.
  • Better Sag Properties.
  • Improved Electrical properties.
  • Excellence Resistance to Corrision.